Rick SmithDirector of Philanthropy 

I work for TNC for the same reason that I have been a dues paying member for more than 30 years- the Nature Conservancy is the most effective organization in accomplishing actual, effective, on the ground conservation.

Nature is an integral part of humanity as we often depend, reflect, and relate back towards nature, whether we are using its natural resources, enjoying a scenic view, or having an animal be a representative symbol of a nation.   The Nature Conservancy helps to restore and preserve critical habitats that society cherish, yet is at risk of being lost forever. 

Abby Sinclair, Biological Field Technician  II

My interest in land management began in college when a professor introduced me to prescribed fire and the effects that it can have on an entire ecosystem. I quickly became inspired by the complexity of an environment that can seem so peaceful and simple on the surface. Yet with our current lifestyle, its not surprising that we often forget how important a diverse ecosystem is to our lives. I am proud to work with an organization and friends that devote their lives to protecting these resources so that they can be studied and appreciated for years to come.

Camp Shelby Field Office

Lindsey Lemmons, Philanthropy Operations manager/Communications Officer

I grew up in south Mississippi and find it rewarding to work with others toward making positive, lasting impacts on conservation in south Mississippi for future generations.

David Stoesz, CGC  Stewardship/fire Team Technician

I especially enjoy working for The Nature Conservancy Mississippi because it involves me in the majesty and wonder of nature which I  believe points to the power and wisdom of a great Designer. I feel I am  my most creative, energetic and alive when I’m outdoors and enjoying all that it offers. Working with others who appreciate The Nature Conservancy Mississippi and support our work just tops it all off!

Ever since I was a child (3-4 y.o.) I've had an interest in reptiles and amphibians. During the second year of my undergraduate I learned this fascination could be pursued as a career. Since that time, this childhood fascination has blossomed into a passion to study and conserve herpetofauna.

Conservation Programs

tom Mohrman, Director of Marine PRograms

I had a childhood interest in animals and wildlife. I tried the animal care (zoo) profession but found out later that I could make a career in field research.  I enjoy working outdoors a lot and working in a profession where I may be having an impact on wildlife conservation.

Philanthropy and Operations.

BEcky Easterling, Conservation Coordinator

The coast has always been my sense of place...whether it’s an open view of the horizon, the smell of a salt marsh, or the taste of freshly caught seafood, it connects me to friends, family, and memories.  The Nature Conservancy has provided opportunities that allow me to explore that which I enjoy while having a small part in its stewardship.

I thoroughly enjoy connecting people with the natural places where they live, work, and play; and while I have seen many beautiful places and met many great people during my 18-year career with TNC, some of the most special places can be found in Mississippi.  The people of Mississippi have a true connection with the land, and I love nothing more than helping them protect their special places. 

Jim Lee, Wildlife Biologist

Becky Stowe, Director of Forest PRograms

Melinda Lyman, Camp Shelby Conservation Project Coordinator

I believe in the mission of TNC. I want my grandchildren to have a place to hunt, fish, and play and with the work TNC does this will be possible.

Elizabeth hanson, Stewardship/Fire Team Leader

As far as I can remember I have always loved animals and nature.  As I learned more, my love for animals matured into wanting to learn more about ecology in general.  I wanted to keep myself surrounded by animals and the environment they live in.

Alex Littlejohn, Associate State Director

Mike Murphy, Coastal Field Representative

I want to know that the world I leave for my children will be a healthy, happy world.  The Nature Conservancy works to protect the most important parts of our natural ecosystems so that we can ensure clean water and land for the future. 

Keith Ouchley, State Director

Quentin Fairchild, Invasive species Technician  II

Kevin Narum, Biological Field Technician

Scott Lemmons, Director of Freshwater Programs

Working with agricultural producers and landowners in the Delta regions of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana has given me a great understanding of the issues producers face with regards to wildlife damage to agricultural production and managing resources sustainably from both an economic and conservation based standpoint.

I love to inspire people to appreciate the natural world around them.  Sometimes they just don’t know that they have such important places in their own back yards.  Once they realize this you could not ask for better advocates for the environment. Then they make my job easy.

I love nature.  I care a lot about the wild things on our planet and I don’t want them to go away.  Working in conservation is very rewarding; I get to enjoy being outside while protecting nature! 

Conservation for me is rooted in my outdoor experiences, from catching fish in Sardis to chasing ducks in the Delta. I hope my work ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience and share the outdoor memories that I’ve been so lucky to myself.