Forest Programs Director

As not only an 8th generation Mississippian but also one from a long line of those with close ties with the forests and rivers, Becky serves as one of the leading conservationists of our state. She has a deep history rooted in the Pascagoula River system and this shows in her commitment to its protection.  She started with TNC as a land steward on the Upper Pascagoula Preserves, helping manage some of the land that her ancestors once owned.  From there, she began taking care of all of the Conservancy's preserves in Mississippi, focusing on restoration activities like invasive species control and prescribed burns.  She has a specific understanding of longleaf pine management, acting as the coordinator of the DeSoto National Forest-Camp Shelby Local Longleaf Implementation Team. 

Becky has an educational background in anthropology and biology and worked as an archaeological consultant before joining TNC in August 2002.  Since joining TNC, Becky has facilitated the planting of 875,392 trees (603,492 hardwood and 271,900 longleaf pine trees); protected over 4,000 acres within the Pascagoula Basin; brought in over two million dollars in public grant funding (North American Wetland Conservation Act, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Mississippi Forestry Commission, Coastal Impact Assistance Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); led over 50 volunteer work days with various groups; given over 75 tours of preserves and natural areas to stakeholder agencies, educators, groups and individuals; worked with very diverse group of agencies, stakeholders and partners on dozens of collaborative projects; and coordinated several professional workshops.

 Becky Stowe